Difficult Second

by The Lunacy Board

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The second album was recorded, mixed and uploaded within a 24 hour period. The first 3 tracks (over 20 minutes) were completed within an unbroken 24 hour period, with the rest taking a little longer to get some sleep.

The 'Album-a-Day' project is a collection of albums that have been written, recorded and published within a 24 hour period, designed to encourage creative thinking within a set of rules.

From their website:-
+ It must be written, performed, recorded, post-produced, etc. all in one contiguous 24-hour period (preferably with no sleep break in there).
+ It must be at least 20 minutes or 30 songs. (many short songs tend to work better than long songs which drag on forever, trust me.)
+ Your band may have multiple participants, but they should not work on different songs simultaneously. (So just one song being worked on at a time.)
+ No ideas from before the chosen day! This means covers or reinterpretations are not allowed.
+ No out-takes! If you start a song, finish it and put it on the album.

- The Guests -
Many thanks to our two guests on this album. Gordon Charlton (a.k.a Beat Frequency) is a leading light in the UK theremin community, and his webpage features several of his slowly building, atmospheric pieces, several of which have striking accompanying visuals.
Wilco Botermans is a specialist in alternative controllers, based in the Netherlands, often seen using a special glove to change sounds as he plays the theremin.


released July 14, 2008

Sean de Florette: Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Bass.
Mick Bordet: Guitar, Bass, Theremin, Keyboards, Ukulele, Woodwind, Yobstick.
Gordon Charlton: Theremin
Wilco Botermans: Theremin




The Lunacy Board Wien, Austria

Somewhere between progressive/post-rock and skiffle lies 'The Lunacy Board'. Sometimes lyrically cutting, sometimes instrumental, but always challenging and raw.

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Track Name: Second Glance
Second Chance. Second Glance. Second, Second Chance.
How did you end up here?
Facing up to all of those fears.
Staring out those self same tears
Those self same wounded, wounded, wounded tears
And still you listen to yourself
Hanging on in the quiet corners of the soul
Trying to put together meanings where there is no meaning
Trying to find an answer to the question
That you didn't even ask.
Trying to find the face behind the mask
Trying to put the cart before the horse
Trying to put the cliche before the meaning
Trying to fill your day
Trying to find, falling away
Trying to find a way, a meaning
For this meaningless existence.
And still you sit, sipping poison
Those hemlock moments that you just can't share
Despair. Unreason.
Cut yourself off from the real
From the real
Reel to reel is where we find ourselves
Reel to reel is where we find ourselves.
Life without a safety net
Living without a safety vest
Drowning in the tears
Of all those wasted years
Of all those moments that could have been spent, spent wisely
And now you find yourself rent in twain
Sundered, you can't deal with the pain
And now the end is in sight
The needle's in the red.
There is no second chance
There is no second glance
There's only now.
Track Name: Reality TV
Have I really moved any distance
Or am I simply caught in a constant
Present tense?
All this obsolesence
All this background chatter

They say there is a crimewave
And there's a seeming credit crunch
Is it something that I've missed?
Was I sleeping?
Or am I simply out to lunch?

Welcome, welcome
Welcome to Reality TV
Welcome to the death of reason
To the death of you and me
I say welcome

All of the news as entertainment
All the human suffering presented
As undying art
Watching closely as those tricky interstertials
Tug at your eyelids and play their
Distracting part

Welcome to Reality TV
To the death of you and me
Welcome to Reality TV
Track Name: Saloon Bar Sermon
Standing on the edge.
Standing on the edge
Trying to forgiven myself for
All the slights that I have
Visited on myself

But in the end
What does it matter?
In the end
Why should I care?

Time has shown us
But time can wound as well as heal
And now, moving sideways as a species
Moving sideways through time
As a new dark age emerges
And it seems that all is gone, but not forgotten

And we were young.
Those signs of hope, those signs of hope
Then we were done, then we were done again
Cheated out of the future
The new depression, the new despair

We were promised so much
But it was not to be
Not for you and me
No Golden Age
Just numbing TV and the threat of unemployment
Wage slavery and debt and now despair

What happened to romance?
It's locked on the fallow ground
It's locked on the fallow ground in the office scheme
With your button-down lifestyle and your
Vastly deflated credit rating

The cat's got all the cream
The fat cats got all the cream
The fat cats
Fat cats
Fat cats
Track Name: Choices
Fleet of foot and sleight of hand
Come and join our one man band
Cast off despair and self-loathing
The sheep in sheep's clothing

Don't forget we're only a step removed
From being skint and destitute
Don't forget the girl on the corner
Isn't just a prostitute
She's you and me without the choices

Come sup with us we'll give you greeting
Nourish you with soulful bleating
As nights are drawing, leaves are browning
Thoughts start to turn to festive clowning
Seasons change, life's right for changes
Don't despair at Autumn's rearranging

Don't forget we're only a step removed
From being skint and destitute
Don't forget the man on the corner
Isn't just a destitute
He's you and me without the choices

In the crowd without the voices
In the crowd without voices he's alone
We're all alone
We're all alone
Winter's gone and we're all alone
Let's stick together
Let's band together
Against the coming rain.
Track Name: No Strings Attached
Track Name: Stobby
Time for lunch and given half a chance
I hit the road on the motorway dance
With Eddie's trusty maidens
Fifty tons and heavy laden
Angharad and The Duchess
To name but two of you.

Ladies of the road, not ladies of the night
In the long-haul tango in the middle of the night
Ladies of the road, not ladies of the night
In the long-haul tango on the long way
On the long way home.
Track Name: Exquisite Replica
It was a watch, like any other
Like the kind that you might find on
A TV guide cover

There was a man
Selling them from the back of
A white van

And so he asked if I wanted
To buy the type of item that
Would change my life in the blink of an eye
Put me in that higher echelon
He told me that his name was Cartier
And he had come to change my life today
To change my life today

But little did I know
It was an exquisite replica
He held tightly in his mitts

A replica, replica, replica
And that one, that one
That one is a replica, Sir

So strange how you can change your life
With a facsimile of the truth
Strange how something simple,
Something tactile, something voluble
Something that you wind up every day
Something that your lady friends will see
Something that will change your life
In the blink of the changing light

Cartier said "This is gonna be your day, son
You're gonna get laid, son!
And in the morning you'll forget why you're there"
It was a replica
It was a replica
Track Name: Busting Loose in the Ether
Track Name: Second Chance
See the prize fighter lying on his back
It only took a second to put him down and lay him out
To put him down and lay him out
Fleeting seconds - you count the hours, you count the minutes
Clock-watching waiting for your own apocalypse
And sometimes in quieter moments you think that there are
Infinite seconds. Seconds.

And still you while away the time
Hoping that you'll be spared
You imagine that some people never die
I'm afraid to say, that ain't the truth

Seconds. There's only seconds.
No second chances. No second guess.
And if you put together all those seconds
You begin to realise that there's
Not much time left

To do the things you want to do
Right the wrongs. Write the words that used to spew
From youthful lips, from fingertips, from poetry
That took a second.

It only took a second glance for you to fall in love
And now you take a second chance, staring in the mirror
Hoping against all hope that you can turn time back.
Turn it back to be wiser, but not necessarily older
In the realms, in the realms of fantasy you live
In the realms of fantasy you dwell
Trying to right the wrongs - myths to dispel

In that second glance you wanted that second chance
But there's no second chances.

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